Noodles and Company: Is the Hype Worth It?


Noodles and Company is like playing a game of chance every time you eat there. 


Noodles and Company is an American fast food and casual restaurant. It has an order online feature for takeout and dine-in seating. Meal prices can range from $7.99 up to $14.99, depending on the type of pasta, protein, or sauce you choose for your meal. There are many locations around the U.S., but the first one in South Carolina opened in January 2021. 


The Noodles and Company menu is very extensive, considering their main ingredient is pasta. They have many different pasta dishes that range from being Italian, American, Southwestern, or even Asian. They even have gluten-friendly options. The restaurant was very clean and well designed. 


Although their menu is extensive and their restaurant is aesthetically appealing, I personally have not had good experiences at the restaurant. In the four times I have been there, each time I ordered, my food took 25-30 minutes to be ready. I understand that the restaurant is in popular demand right now because it has recently opened, but repetitive high wait times are unacceptable. Furthermore, the quality of the food is not too great. They have many different options, but the flavor of the food is a bit bland in my opinion. Lastly, twice out of the four times I have eaten at Noodles and Company, my order was partially wrong or incomplete. 


Because of the different genres of pasta at Noodles and Company, it can be compared to restaurants such as Olive Garden or even P.F. Chang’s, when comparing flavor. The prices are somewhat similar too, but tend to be on the pricier side considering that Noodles and Company are supposed to be deemed “fast food”. 


If you have not tried Noodles and Company before, I would personally encourage you to try it at least once, because it is new to our area. Your experience may be great, with good food and service. On the other hand, though, I do not think it is an outstanding place to eat.