El Cerro!!!

El Cerro!!!

Eating at El Cerro is like taking a trip to Paris

El Cerro is a Mexican restaurant that has a few different locations around us but El Cerro is everywhere. This is a lunch and dinner restaurant and they are mid-priced. They officer a take-out option and used to offer a delivery option before Covid. 

Every El Cerro Ive been to is very clean and very well kept. Everyone that works there is very nice and fast with what they do. The atmosphere is sometimes loud at dinner time because it gets packed in there but during lunchtime, it’s usually very calm. 

Sophia Miller says, “El Cerro is my reason to keep living, so I can enjoy those delicious chips and queso.” 

This place is just so different than any other place. Everything about it is just perfect, especially the fried ice cream for dessert. The best real food item is the mini chimmis. If you ever go that’s what I recommend.