Why Burger King Is Bad


Burger King is like the trash can behind a broken down motel.

Burger king pretty much has everything McDonald’s has, but worse. I don’t even remember where any burger kings are, because I try to avoid them. They have low prices, and they allow drive thru, dine in, and take out.

Some positives about Burger King (if any) are that they have food and they have low prices. Also I think the logo is pretty cool.

The prices are justifiable, since the food you are getting isn’t worth any more. I have never had a single good eating experience at Burger King. Their food is mediocre and bland. I can’t remember the last time I went to Burger King, and I’m glad.

Burger King has nothing on it’s competition, McDonald’s. McDonald’s has similar items, but they are infinitely better than Burger King meals. McDonald’s may have a few different menu items, but overall Burger King is nothing compared to the fast food king.

In conclusion, Burger King is one of the worst fast food places ever, and I would not recommend eating there. If you like Burger King, I respect you only because I could never have the strength to eat there.