Why You Should Eat at El Cerro

Why You Should Eat at El Cerro

El Cerro is such a  good and exciting restaurant  to go to it is like winning a lottery ticket.


El Cerro is an affordable Mexican restaurant that offers dining in and take out.


El Cerro has a big menu and will not have anything you do not like. El cerro is also very clean, I have never been there and it was dirty. Not to mention all of the employees there are really nice and make sure you have a good experience.


The only thing that is negative about El Cerro is they only offer Mexican food besides the kids menu. So if you do not like Mexican food this is not a good restaurant for you.


This restaurant is similar to Hobanaroes but it is way better. El Cerro is better than Hobanaroes because it has a better atmosphere and the food is way better.


Overall this restaurant is a good place to eat and you will have not only good food but also a good experience.