Waffle House Review


“Waffle House” is a very good place to eat in the morning, being in “Waffle House” is like a warm hug. 

“Waffle house” is a breakfast place, that not only serve breakfast foods but also lunch and dinner. It is an American restaurant with 2,500 locations in 25 different states, most of them being in the south. It is a Dine-in and a Takeout restaurant, but i’m pretty sure they do not deliver. 

They have all sorts of special menus like the all-star special and the people there, at least every time I go there, are really nice and kind and the like to make conversation, especially the older employees. The surrounding area is usually clean but it also depends on what Waffle house you go to because I can’t speak for all of them. My favorite to get from their is a chocolate chip waffle, with hashbrowns and bacon.

I don’t really have any negative aspects about “Waffle House”, but I do say that sometimes when you go in and it’s really crowded, it gets really loud and sometimes you have nowhere to sit and it gets really annoying, but most of the time that’s only if you go a little later in the morning or really late.

I think personally that “Waffle House” is better than “IHOP”, just because I had a bad experience with “IHOP” once and my pancake was really dry and it tasted bitter, I don’t even know how a pancake can taste bitter, but I was traumatized and I never ate “IHOP” again.

Overall, I think “Waffle House” is a great place to eat and I would recommend it to anyone, especially morning people because it is just a nice way to start your day, or if you’re like me and like bagels, “Big Apple Bagels” is a good breakfast place to eat too to get your day started.