Kansas Woman wins Race Competing against England Woman

Kansas Woman wins Race Competing against England Woman

Do you like pancakes? Well this race is for you!


On Tuesday, Whitney Hays from Liberal, Kansas, participated in the traditional Pancake Day Race against women in Olney, England. 


Jaden McBride says, “I don’t know what a pancake race is but I would definitely partake in a pancake race.”


Contestants must carry a pancake in a frying pan and flip it at the beginning and end of the 425-yard race. The event began in  Olney in the 15th century. In 1950, Liberal challenged Olney to an international competition.


“I would feel ecstatic if I won because I could say I won a pancake race and that’s funny,” Kayla Thompson says. 


Hays won the race with a time of 1:07. The time beat Katie Godof of Olney, England, who finished at a time of 1:10


Mr. Moore says, “I would not be successful at this race because I would eat the pancake before the race is over.”