Guiness’ Newest Addition: The World’s Largest Strawberry


This strawberry is massive!


Last week, Guinness confirmed the weight of the world’s largest strawberry, which was picked in Netanya, Israel.


The strawberry was picked from Chahi Ariel’s family farm in Israel, weighing about 289 grams. Although it was grown in February, Guinness did not verify the record until last week.


Ariel says, “We waited for a year for the results… We kept it in the freezer for a year. It’s no longer as pretty as it was.”


The strawberry is from a species of berry, called Ilan, that grows to a large size. 


“It has shrunk to about half the size it was last year because we had to freeze it,” says Ariel. 


The record-holder before Chahi Ariel was located in Japan. It was grown in 2015. It weighed about 250 grams. 


Ariel says, “We are very happy to be in the Guinness World Records,” he said.