Therapist Dogs


Some people think that their dog is like a therapist, which is why a court assigned the job of therapist to a dog!

In Maine, Aroostook county, a court decided to give the job title of therapist to a dog.

The dog’s main job as a therapist is to provide emotional support to people who have experienced a traumatic event. The dog will mainly help out children and victims of criminals.

District Attorney Todd Collins says, “A courthouse dog can provide emotional support for everyone.”

Before the dog became a court therapist, he had to go through a two-year training period in order to get him accustomed to the chaotic environment that courts tend to have.

“With a goal of becoming a calming presence in a stressful environment,” says AP News.

However, Aroostook county court isn’t the only court that has a therapist as a dog; a court in Houlton also has a therapy dog. The dog in Houlton’s court was provided by Karley Allen because she believed that dogs could help victims in court.

Karley Allen says, “They are truly heart healers that give endless love and can give so much back to our communities when placed in these roles.”