Dead Body or Prince Charming Mannequin??


Dead body found rolled up in a carpet or a mannequin being stored??

A woman in Florida was stopped at a redlight last week when she saw a pair of feet sticking out a rolled up carpet in the backseat of a car. The woman called law forces however, when police tacked down the car they found out it was a Prince Charming mannequin doll being taken to a child’s birthday party.

“This story started off a little skeptical but the ending made me laugh.” says Maddie Stevens.

Officers explained to the community how whenever there is a skeptical situation like this, it is better to just call and be safe rather then sorry.

“That would not be good if there was a rolled up dead body.” says Jonothan Fullrod.

The driver was very confused when officers began chasing him down the highway for the confusion call.

“Dang that’s crazy.” says Graham Edwards.