Court House Adds Puppy as a Service Dog

Court House Adds Puppy as a Service Dog

Cute, Cuddly, Puppy 

A court house in Aroostook County have decided to have a dedicated service dog. 

A court house in Aroostook Court is the first courthouse in Maine to have a service dog.They decided to have the puppy for people to have support when going through a traumatic event.

“A courthouse dog can provide emotional support for everyone,” says Todd Collins. 

The puppy is a yellow Labrador who’s name is Holiday. He has just begun his two years of training to be a certified service dog. The court house has had an unofficial service dog in the past named Nephi.

“I think it’s a great idea to have this and Holiday is such an adorable puppy,” says Joey. 

Holiday will have a more focused job once he finishes his training. Many believe in the power of dogs to heal and to comfort those who need it. 

“They are truly heart healers that give endless love and can give so much back to our communities when placed in these roles,” says Karley Allen.