Raccoon Falls Through Ceiling at LSU

Raccoon Falls Through Ceiling at LSU

This raccoon was ready to learn.

On February 16th, a raccoon fell onto kids’ food at LSU after falling through the roof.

While kids were eating lunch in the dining hall at LSU (Louisiana State University) a raccoon thought it would grab a bite to eat, and fell through the roof. The raccoon landed and scurried around the lunch room.

A girl student said, “I went and still got my food because I thought that it was fake.”

After the raccoon fell from the ceiling, it ran around the lunch room and caused panic. Students were screaming and jumping up, and one of the cooks tried to chase the raccoon and catch it in a basket. The mass panic made some students think that the entire thing was a prank, but were proven wrong fast.

Another student said, “The raccoon ran underneath my table and I immediately got on top of the chair.”

Thankfully, no one got injured thanks to the raccoon. Although some students were worried that their food would be contaminated. Kids were chasing the animal around with brooms or sticks. The raccoon was running on top of people’s bags, and they worried that their bags would be contaminated, while other kids lost their appetite.

A student said, “ Right now it’s funny to look back at, but at the moment, I was traumatized. My appetite is definitely gone.”