Mice, frogs and beetles ride on snake to escape heavy rain


A snake has recently went viral on TikTok for apparently rescuing a posse of mice, frogs and beetles from the floods currently happening in Queensland in northeastern Australia. 

The clip was uploaded by the user “carleen2332” of the snake floating in a rainwater tank and bearing the creatures to safety on its back.

This particular snake has been identified to be a Eastern Brown snake, who is native to the region but also ordinarily feeds on mice, frogs and beetles, suggesting this particular snake either really is a selfless hero or, just really sneaky, , playing the long game and saving the creatures now just to devour them later. 

The first attempt to retrieve the animals as a fail, which made the snake become more agitated and dropping one of the mice overboard. 

The poster of the video however, told her followers later on that all parties were subsequently rescued and returned to dry land.

  • “The most Australian thing I’ve seen today,” one commentator responded, with many agreeing that the whole affair represented an admirable display of teamwork.
  • “That’s terrific teamwork. Well done, lads!” another user said. 

Queensland has been hit by torrential downpours since Friday, with Brisbane suffering 677mm of rainfall in three days and flash flooding hitting the south east of the state along the Gold Coast.

  • “We are expecting more help for wildlife to be needed as floodwaters recede and we have fully equipped rescue vehicles on standby,” said WIRES, a wildlife rescue group. 

Australia is a very “interesting” place if you want to see animals/insects doing interesting things.