State Of The Union Response


The three most important things from last night speech was covid, climate crisis  and the economy.

This part of this speech with covid is important because its a big thing thats going and its a big thing in america right now.

“As our own vaccine supply grows to meet our needs — and we are meeting them — we will become an arsenal of vaccines for other countries, just as America was the arsenal of democracy in World War II.”

The other most important things from last night speech was the economy.

The economy part of his speech was very interesting. with the economy because there is a lot of things going on in the world and i believe that how word will stay and that the americans can help what’s been going on and what we can do to fix it.

“My fellow Americans, trickle-down economics has never worked. It’s time to grow the economy from the bottom up and middle out.”

The last one was about climate crisis and how its going with the issues we have.

I agree with the fact that the bridges need repairing, the highways with the construction and the gas prices did go up but i believe that thing will turn up.

“The consensus is if we act, we can save the planet — and we can create millions of jobs and economic growth and opportunity to raise the standard of living for everyone in the world.”