Bidens state of the Union Address

Bidens state of the Union Address

Biden had his first State of the Union Address last night at 9:00 pm eastern time


Jonathan says” My parents watched it last night and they were not impressed”


I don’t think President Biden did that good of a speech last night. He talked about how bad Putin was and he said last year the Biden administration created 6.5 million dollars. But they didn’t make the jobs of its people going back to work after the pandemic.


Tyler says” yeah Biden’s speech wasn’t very informative it was more of a hype talk and it wasn’t that good.”


Biden talks about creating new highways even though we are trillions in debt. Biden worries about other countries’ oil but not ours. gas prices are higher than ever right now. Why build new highways if no one is going to be able to afford them in the next 2 years.


Lauren says” the first thing Biden did when he got in office was shut down the keystone pipeline and gas prices have never been the same.”