Depression <3


Depression is a hard topic to talk about for many people, but it should be more expected in converaction then it is today. 

A lot of teens this day in age deal with depression and a lot of teens also make many jokes about it which is the sad truth. Jokes are funny, but depression affects many people and it affects everyone differently and is not a laughing matter. There are many factors that could cause someone to feel depressed and this generation has dealt with many things which may have cause it. As a person it should be our duty to be considerate of other feels.

“I feel like depression is multi-fastiated. It’s different for everybody which I think tends to be overlooked,” says kayla. 

With mentally illness being somewhat more expected than it used to be, many people find it easier to speak out for help, but for some it’s still not easy. One part of depression that is joked about a lot in self harm, which many people are very misinformed about. It isn’t a joke and is way more common than you may think. 

Over a one year period 27% of young adolescents reported thoughts of self-harm and 15% reported at least one act of self-harm. Of those who self-harmed, less than one in five (18%) had sought help for psychological problems of anxiety or depression. Compared with boys, girls were at increased risk of developing thoughts and acts of self-harm, particularly amongst those girls in school year 9 (aged 13/14).

“I feel that most of the time people think self harm means you want to die, but in reality most people do it so the can live,” says Emily.

Depression sucks and no one wants it, you just end up getting sucked. If there is someone you know that many have depression or is feeling somewhat “depressed” the website talks about ways to help:

We are all just fighting to live hand in hand with happiness.