Ted Bundy


State Archives of Florida

Florida Photographic Collection

Ted Bundy was one of the most known serial killers.

Ted Bundy was bullied a lot in high school and middle school and his parents think that’s what triggered this in his older age days. 

Maddie Stevens says, “Nothing is hotter than a man who kills women..”

Ted Bundy killed 30 people. His most known way of killing someone was strangling them and then mutilating them after they were dead. 

Lauren Steele says, “Ted Bundy’s crime life is absolutely fascinating to me, and it’s not weird.”

The number of stories we all hear about him ARE INSANE, and so scary. When you hear the stories, it makes you nervous and rethinks your decisions about letting kids wander.

Mr. Moore says “Ted Bundy is very crazy, and it makes me nervous thinking people could be out there like this nowadays.”