Methuselah the Fish

Methuselah the Fish

Methuselah the fish is as old as trees!


Methuselah is the oldest living fish at the California Academy of Sciences’ Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco who is roughly around 90 years old. She is believed to be female but without a risky blood draw they can’t be too sure.


Allen Jan says, ”By default, Methuselah is the oldest.” 


The academy hopes to send a little sample of a piece of her fin to scientist in Australia to determine the exact sex and age. She is an Australian lungfish which is the only surviving member of the family Neoceratodontidae.


“I tell my volunteers, pretend she’s an underwater puppy, very mellow,” says Allen Jan.


Methuselah developed a love for figs, but only when they are seasonal. She gets a healthy diet of berries, lettuce, worms and belly rubs.


“She’s a little picky and only likes figs when they are fresh and in season. She won’t eat them when they’re frozen,” says Jeanette Peach.