Is Russia Starting to Play Dirty?

Is Russia Starting to Play Dirty?

Russia is using vacuum bombs during the invasion of Ukraine, causing destruction.

Russia is using vacuum bombs, also known as thermobaric bombs. These bombs are extremely dangerous and will obliterate Ukraine buildings. They were first reported when they launched one at a preschool. Civilians took shelter inside the preschool.

Oksana Makarov, Ukraine’s ambassador says, “The devastation that Russia is trying to inflict on Ukraine is large.”

If Russia is really using thermobaric bombs, then the destruction in Ukraine could ramp up severely. Thermobaric bombs are banned all over the world. International humanitarian law restricts the use of such powerful weapons, so Russia is breaking international law in order to seize Ukraine.

The White House press secretary Jen Psaki says, “If it’s true, it would potentially be a war crime.”

Exactly how dangerous can these weapons be? If someone stands too close to the explosion, they would be obliterated. The bomb works by releasing fuel as a dangerous gas that covers the area round it, then another charge in the bomb sets off, causing an explosion. These bombs can be extremly dangerous, even if the second charge doesnt go off. The burning fuel could enter someone’s lungs, killing them.

A CIA study says, “Since the most common FAE (fuel-air explosive) fuels, ethylene oxide and propylene oxide, are highly toxic, undetonated FAE should prove as lethal to personnel caught within the cloud as with most chemical agents.”

Is Russia only getting started? Because of Russia’s struggle with the invasion, they could soon resort to more cheap and horrible methods.