Russia goes “Radio Silent”


On Tuesday, March 1st, Russia took down a radio station that was critical of Russia’s leader, Putin.

The radio station that was taken down was named: Echo Moskvy. The radio station was very critical of Russia’s Kremlin, which was why it was taken down by Russian authorities.

The Prosecutor General’s office in Russia says, “false information regarding the actions of Russian military personnel as a part of a special operation.”

Additionally, Russia has threatened or taken down other stations that were critical of Putin. Russia has also gone as far as to take down TV stations that were also critical of Putin.

Russian officials threatened independent media with closure if their coverage of the attack deviates from the official narrative,” says AP News.

The governor of Oklahoma sent a letter to Joe Biden that urged him to re-open oil wells and to start construction on new pipelines. This is because the West has agreed to stop importing oil from Russia, but this action has caused gas prices to rise.

Kevin Sitt says, “The recent events in Ukraine are yet another example of why we should be selling energy to our friends and not buying it from our enemies.”