What’s next for Belarus?


The Russian-Ukrainian conflict is starting to heat up as there are talks of Belarus joining the war on Russia’s side.

Putin’s closest ally, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is rumored to join war efforts against Ukraine soon.

Lukashenko allegedly allowed Putin to conduct large-scale military exercises in Belarus shortly before Russia moved on to Ukraine. The president also televised Russia’s invasion plan on live TV.

“If they join, this will probably cause a chain reaction of countries going to war to defend the integrity of Europe,” said Graham Edwards.

On top of the alliance between the two, there has been a 40+ mile-long Russian convoy that is heading to Kyiv and this time Ukraine will most likely not be able to defend it

“It’s the entire world against Belarus and Russia,” said Tyler Neidermoser.

While Russia is preparing to send more troops other countries are still trying their best to send aid, with the United States sending 54 million today for humanitarian aid.

“Glad our government is helping Ukraine,” said Lauren Steele.