Old Stores with New Friends


Singer, student, ROTC.

    Mandi Pelley 16 11th grade at St. James high school percentile. 

She sings country songs. She has been singing since she was really little. Her favorite song is better together by luke combs. 

” If I had to choose I would always pick country over anything,” says Mandi.  

 She is a student at St. James high school. She is currently in 11th grade.  She Started St. James high in the middle of her 9th-grade year 

” This has been the greatest year yet,” says Mandi. 

 She is in ROTC at St. James high school.  She has been in ROTC since her 5th-semester. She is now a primary in ROTC. 

“This is the place that has given me a sense of family,” says Mandi.