Emily Gardner


Artsy, friendly, and stylish.


Emily Gardener, a 15-year-old sophomore at St. James, wears these descriptions just like she wears her funky sweaters. 


Emily enjoys just about anything art-related. She pains, does crafts, and she’s even in the Art Club at St. James High School! 


She says, “I like 2D and 3D art, I like them both and I can’t decide which I like better.”


Aside from being artistic, Gardener is also very friendly. She likes going to school to see her best friends.


“I try to talk to new people who seem like they may be struggling, so I can try and make new friends,” Emily says. 


Lastly, Emily Gardener has great style! She goes thrift shopping often, which is where she finds her staple pieces, such as her colorful sweaters.


“I’ve found a lot of graphic tee shirts and oversized sweaters when thrifting, but my favorite ones to find are beachy themed,” she says.