Biden Should Not Be Able To Mandate Vaccines

Biden Should Not Be Able To Mandate Vaccines

Presiden Biden should not be able to mandate vaccination in the military. 


President Biden is mandating that, to serve in the military, you must have a vaccination.


He should not be able to mandate vaccinations in the military, if the white house personnel does not have to have a vaccination. 


“Every individual person should have the choice if they should put those chemicals in their body and you should be able to fight for the country either way.”.


Even people with the vaccination are still getting Covid, so the vaccination basically does no good for them.


“He should strongly recommend the vaccination,” says someone from the daily news.


I disagree because the vaccination isn’t even effective if people are still getting covid. He shouldn’t mandate it for military because they are serving our country and it should be their choice.


Biden will mandate it for everyone soon, except him and his personnel which is unfair for the country and shouldn’t be a leader if he is making unfair decisions for the people.