Best Day Of The Year: Birthdays!!

Best Day Of The Year: Birthdays!!

Joyful, celebration, fun.

These are all words to describe what birthdays are like! 

Who doesn’t love the one day that’s all about celebrating themselves?

“It’s the best day because it’s the day I was born” says Graham Edwards.

Many people celebrate birthdays many different ways, all the way from big parties and family dinners to simply shopping and dining.

“On my birthday I like to eat my favorite foods, go to my favorite places, and spend it with my favorite people,” says Maddie Stevens.

Personally I like to spend my birthday by opening gifts, eating Italian food, and seeing friends.

“You best believe you’ll know when it’s Lauren’s birthday” says Camry Navey.

My birthday is coming up on March 13th, I plan to shop in Charleston, go to brunch with friends, play my lacrosse game and open lots of gifts!

How do you like to celebrate your big day!?