“Hank the Tank” is Actually 3 Hanks!


Hank the Tank has split into 3 Hanks

In Lake Tahoe, a 3 bear team has been breaking into homes recently, because of their large size.

A large bear that constantly broke into many homes around the Lake Tahoe area has been revealed to actually be three whole bears. These bears are huge in size, weighing in over 500 pounds. The public had a nickname for the bear when they originally thought it to be only a single bear. That name was Hank the Tank.

“What’s problematic about this bear is how large it is.” says Peter Tira, a spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

There have been efforts to try and capture Hank the Tank, and some people wanted him killed, while a group wanted Hank to be transported to a habitat. The Department of Fish and Wildlife will soon start tagging bears and collecting evidence for “genetic analysis”.

The Department says, “no trapped animals will be euthanized as part of the project.”

These three bears are a big problem for the area. Over 150 incident reports have stemmed from the bears, and over 30 homes have been broken into. On Friday, one of the Hanks broke into a home while the residents were still inside, and had to be scared out by the police. Experts believe that the bears have lost fear for all people and only see them as a source of food.

Peter Tira says, “It’s learned to use that size and strength to break into a number of occupied residences, bursting through the garage door or front door.”