“Hank the Tank” is Actually a Three Bear Battalion!


Meet the bear that is like a tank!

The bear that has recently been nicknamed: “Hank the tank,” due to how many properties it has damaged, has been found out to be a three-bear group that has been destroying all these properties.

This was found out after examining Hank’s DNA, which revealed that it was three bears that had done this. The bears destroyed over thirty properties.

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife says, “it will begin trapping bears in the South Lake Tahoe area.”

In order to fix this bear problem, the state Department of Fish and Wildlife has started to trap bears. The bears that are trapped will be sent to another habitat.

“The bears will be released into a ‘subtle’ habitat,” says the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.

However, the bears have not stopped causing havoc throughout Northern California and Nevada; over 150 new incidents have been reported due to the bears.

CBS Sacramento says, “One of the Hanks smashed through a window on Friday and squeezed into the house on Catalina Drive.”