“Hank The Tank” Update


The 500-pound bear, that was nicknamed “Hank The Tank’ turns out to actually be three individual bears, that destroyed more than 30 different Lake Tahoe homes in the last couple months. 

The “Department of Fish and Wildlife” plan to, on Thursday, begin trapping bears in the South Lake Tahoe area to tag the animals and collect evidence for genetic analysis. 

It has been decided that the bears will be released in a “suitable habitat” and the agency said no trapped animals will be euthanized as part of the project.

The bears are responsible for more than 150 incident reports in the region straddling Northern California and Nevada, including a break-in at a residence in the Tahoe Keys neighborhood last week.

One of the Hanks smashed a window Friday and squeezed into the house on Catalina Drive while the residents were at home, CBS Sacramento reported.

  • “What’s problematic about this bear is how large it is,” Peter Tira, a spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, told SF Gate on Sunday.
  •  “It’s learned to use that size and strength to break into a number of occupied residences, bursting through the garage door or front door.” -Peter Tira

Hopefully, the three “Hanks” will get where they need to be safely and healthy, without having to disturb or destroy anymore neighborhood homes, and hopefully they’ll get as much food as they need.