Russia Invasion on Ukraine

Russia Invasion on Ukraine

Dozens of Ukraine civilians are killed in Kharkiv.


Russia bordered Ukraine 5 days ago and since then they have been at war with Ukraine.


“Ukrainian officials said, as Moscow’s invading forces met stiff resistance from Ukrainians on a fifth day of conflict,” says Reuters.


Officials of Ukraine and Russia have met up to try to come to a solution but can not come up with an agreement.


“The attacks took place while Russian and Ukrainian officials met on the Belarusian border, but their talks made no breakthrough,” says Reuters.


President Putin has no sympathy for what he is doing to Ukraine and he will not second think about threatening other countries if they interfere with the attack.


“But Russian President Vladimir Putin showed no sign of reconsidering the invasion he unleashed on Russia’s neighbor last Thursday in an attempt to pull it firmly back under Moscow’s influence and redraw Europe’s security map,” says Reuters.