People Support Ukraine Rally in Washington, DC Urging US to Help More


Thousands of protesters supporting Ukraine marched to the White House on Sunday and demanded the U.S. take additional steps to help Ukraine following last week’s Russian invasion.

“First of all, I would like that all the civilized countries unite and cut Russia from Swift,” Yana Maksymova told Fox News. Secondly, “help close the sky” and thirdly, “spread the word because this is just the beginning of World War III, and we don’t want this to happen.”

Others echoed Makysmova, pleading for the U.S. to “close the sky,” to provide humanitarian and military help, and for a total Russian “blockade.”


The Biden administration announced Monday that it was immediately blocking financial transactions of Russian central bank assets. The sanction effectively freezes any of those assets held by Americans.

The move follows numerous other sanctions the Biden administration imposed last week targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin, other members of Russia’s security council, Russian banks, financial institutions and elites.

But protesters, many of whom had family in Ukraine, felt President Biden’s actions were not enough.

“It’s a fight of evil versus the good, and sanctions is not enough to protect the good,” one protester told Fox News.

Ukraine needs help “to fight the most aggressive country in the world,” another Ukrainian-American said.

“My family is still on west side of Ukraine,” Nazar Kynyk told Fox News. “My girlfriend is there. They are hiding in basements. They’re scared.” 

Tears streamed down Iryna Goykhman’s face as she spoke with Fox News.

“My family, my friends they are all under attack,” she said. “We just want people to know what’s going on, to help us, to protect our families.” 

Andrew Yakymenko, a Ukrainian-American, said his family is “hiding in bunkers. They are bombing the city, kids, everybody.”