Kayla Thompson

Kayla Thompson

Kayla Thompson is artsy, kind, and academic.


These three words describe Thompson, a 16-year-old junior at St. James high school. In her free time, Thompson likes to hang out with friends, go thrifting, and draw.


“I like 2D art better than 3D art and painting realism,” says Kayla


Thompson is in an art club but that’s not the only club she is in. She is also in the National Honors society. 


Thompson says, “it gives me new and exciting opportunities to help out my communities and motivation to keep good grades.“


Thompson helps a lot of people in her community. She has given blood through the school and helped at food pantries at a local helping hand around her town. She wants to volunteer at local humane societies, but they are always filled. She loves animals and even has 2 dogs of her own named Winnie and Cricket.


Thompson says, “there isn’t enough kindness in this world and i want to change that”