St.James Host 2nd Annual Sweetheart Archery Tournament


On February 26,2022 the St. James archery team hosted a tournament that had over six different schools ranging from Elementary to Highschool.

This is the second year in a row that St. James held this tournament. We had a great mix of teams and had a lot of fun while holding this tournament.

Caleb Cox says, “It’s great to see a new generation picking up a sport that’s been around forever.”

We had a amazing turnout from our school alone. We had a large amount of JROTC cadets along with other students from the school. It was amazing seeing how much fun everyone while running the tournament.

Jacob Jensen said, “It was fun and we had some good competition.”

We were even lucky to have six cadets form the Costal Carolina ROTC Program. They worked as line judges for the whole tournament and did anything they could to help run the tournament.

Chelsey says, “It was a great tournament it was very fun and interesting. There was a lot of interesting things going on. No matter what you did or who you look that everyone made you smile. Everyone was having a good time no matter if they were competing or if they were walking around grinning people.”

St. James High ended up placing second overall for Highschool. The next tournament is State Qualifiers on March 12,2022 here at St. James.