Russia’s Full Scale Invasion Into The Ukraine


Last night, on February 23 Russia preceded in a full scale invasion into Ukraine and now Ukrainians and everyone watching are preparing for a war.

Officials were predicting the possible invasion from Russia and many were hoping the claims weren’t true, but as we see the prediction has sadly come true. Many people in the Ukraine are ready to fight for their country and have prepared to go off for war. Many are still in shock from the fact that something like this is happening in this day in age. 

“With the attack on Ukraine, President Putin wants to turn back time – but there is no going back to the time of the 19th century when great powers decided over the heads of smaller states,” Scholz said.

“There is no going back to the days of the Cold War, when superpowers divided the world among themselves into zones of influence,” he continued.

The President of the United States, President Biden, spoke about the situation, answering the many concerns, but of course he can calm all our lingering minds. He comments on Putin and the effect of this invadations.

Earlier in his address, Biden said, “Putin’s aggression against Ukraine will end up costing Russia dearly economically and strategically.”

“Putin will be a pariah on the international stage,” he added. “Putin’s choice to make a totally unjustifiable war on Ukraine will have left Russia weaker and the rest of the world stronger.”

Many people are worried about the rise of gas prices and now the White house is going to be under a lot of pressure. With Biden saying, “I know this is hard and that Americans are already hurting. I will do everything in my power to limit the pain the American people are feeling at the gas pump. This is critical to me. But this aggression cannot go unanswered. If it did, the consequences for America would be much worse. America stands up to bullies. We stand up for freedom. This is who we are.”

Many Ukrainians are trying to flee to Poland and many people are questioning the action of sanctions and if they are enough. The President did say If the Invasion spreads to NATO countries then he will take more action. NATO is now more united than ever. This invasion is affecting everyone and it is a very sad situation, and many are praying for the citizens of Ukraine.