The Simpsons predicting Russia at war with Ukraine!


As it has been predicted for a few weeks of the invasion it has happened.  Russian troops have been firing at Ukraine since yesterday.  Back in 1998 The Simpsons made an episode about Russia invading Ukraine and going to war.  The Simpsons seem like they predict everything.  

The moment considered to be a prediction occurs in the 1998 episode “Simpson Tide.” While on a nuclear submarine participating in a military exercise, Homer unintentionally fires the sub captain out of the vessel into Russian waters. Cut to Russia revealing that the Soviet Union never truly dissolved; troops and tanks descend upon the streets as the Berlin Wall is instantly resurrected,” says The Hollywood Reporter. 

Putin is demanding that there be war and he is not backing down.  There are almost 1 million Russian troops at the borders of Ukraine.  “Putin has announced that any foreign country that tries to interfere and says there will be consequences you have never seen.”  

“President Vladimir Putin ignored global condemnation and cascading new sanctions as he unleashed the largest ground war in Europe in decades, and chillingly referred to his country’s nuclear arsenal. He threatened any foreign country trying to interfere with “consequences you have never seen.”,”  says AP News.