Long-lasting Effects Of The Russian Invasion


Russia is undergoing the invasion of Ukraine On February 23rd, 2022. Russia was a communist country and sees Ukraine as a threat if they join NATO. This is affecting people around the world in many different ways.

One factor of this invasion is the US stocks dropping. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has already lost more than 2% of it’s value.

“We need to get control of the situation or else the stock market is going to crash and prices are going to rise drastically.” says Maddie Stevens. 

Another thing being affected by this invasion is the safety feelings of one’s family. Many adults are scared for their kids and families lives. No one knows what this dispute could lead to or how bad the effects of it could be.

“The feeling of letting your spouse go defend his country with such feelings of uneasiness it just a dreadful thing no one should have to feel or go thru.” says Camryn Navy.

Oil prices rocketing are another factor of this invasion. Crude oil was trading at more than $105 a barrel briefly, the highest level since 2014. 

“These gas prices are making me switch to Tesla” says Graham Edwards.