Russia Attacks Ukraine


Russia attacks Ukraine.

“Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, unleashing airstrikes on cities and military bases and sending troops and tanks from multiple directions in a move that could rewrite the world’s geopolitical landscape.” Ukraine was asking for help. “Ukraine’s government pleaded for help as civilians piled into trains and cars to flee.” There was a threat for countries that tried to interfere. “President Vladimir Putin ignored global condemnation and cascading new sanctions as he unleashed the largest ground war in Europe in decades, and chillingly referred to his country’s nuclear arsenal. He threatened any foreign country trying to interfere with “consequences you have never seen.” Ukraine had lost control of something they were battling with, they were in a disaster. “Ukrainian officials said their forces were battling Russians on multiple fronts, and had lost control of the decommissioned Chernobyl nuclear power plant, scene of the world’s worst nuclear disaster.”