Russia Invading Ukraine


Russia has invaded Ukraine last night on February 23, 2022. 


Russia in Western Europe has finally invaded Ukraine after many weeks and days of saying they would attack Ukraine just last night. 


Putin, the leader of Russia has invaded Ukraine because they want their land and are willing to take it from them. 


There will be a war because Russia won’t stop. Russia wants to install fear in people in Ukraine and around the world to show them what they are capable of. 


“If anyone tries to interfere with the doings of Russia they will be met with force like no other,” says Putin, the leader of Russia. 


The invasion was predicted just as it happened in real life. they said that it would start with cyber attacks  and then they will move in on Ukraine and they did.


Even some of putin’s advisors were worried about what he was doing. Meaning that they were worried about that he was making the wrong decision by attacking Ukraine. 


It is possible for the people in Russia to attack another country, like the US. Russia wants to keep people afriaid and are willing to do it however they want.