A Raccoon was not on the Menu!

A Raccoon was not on the Menu!

On Wednesday around dinner time, a raccoon fell through the ceiling of a dining hall in Louisiana State University.


It caused so much ruckus because how often does a raccoon fall out of the ceiling of a dining hall? Plus everyone was eating and that’s pretty unsanitary if a wild animal is running though everyone’s food.


“I went and still got my food because I thought that it was fake,” says Danielle Gipson. “The raccoon then ran underneath my table and I immediately got on top of the chair.”


A video was posted showing the raccoon running through tables then climbed on a chair and looked around. A second video that was posted showed people chasing it with broom sticks. The only thing you could hear on both videos was just the students that were only trying to enjoy their dinner screaming. 


“I am just scared that my bag has a disease,” says Danielle Gipson.


The raccoon eventually got into an area where it couldn’t run out so animal control could come and get it. 


Hannah Accius says, “The raccoon was making its way toward me. It stopped and climbed onto my friend Danielle’s bag. Animal Control finally came and tried to catch it in a trash can. A cook even tried to use a basket to catch it. It was a mess.”