The All Star Game


Many basketball fans were excited this past weekend because of All Star weekend and the All Star Game. Where fans get to witness the top 24 players in the league play a game for different charities.  

One thing that is different about the All Star games compared to regular games is the fact that there isn’t really any difference. It is more of a littleheart game where the players get to show some of their best moves. But like with every game of basketball it is still intense and thrilling for the viewers. 

“ The All Star game is always an exciting watching getting to see people come together over something like basketball,” says Leslie

This year the Teams were team LeBron vs Team Durant, with team LeBron winning with Team Durant only three points away. The All star game is set up differently from normal games too with a goal to reach a score of 163 adding up the scores throughout the quarter. This game was held at Cleveland Ohio, the first time this has happened since 1997. 

“I couldn’t have dreamt it. I could not have dreamed of that moment any better than the actuality that just happened. For me to be back here, like I keep stating, 35 minutes [north] of where I grew up here in Akron, Ohio, to hit the game winner in the All-Star Game where me and my guys back in the back, we used to watch the All-Star Game,” James said

With LeBron it was a truly incredible night. Another incredible feat is Stephen Curry’s amazing performance at the game. Being on Team LeBron and receiving a lot of playful boos from the Cleveland crowd, he showed why is and will be forever considered one of the greats. Making 16 threes breaking the record for most threes in an all star game and scoring 50 points coming in second for the most points scored in an all star game. With all of this Curry also won the All Star MVP for the first time in his career. 

“It was kind of a perfect ending. Obviously, I got the MVP; I played well the whole night. He hit the game winner. All the history of our series and the Akron ties, and all that kind of going into how the night went, so it was pretty — can’t really draw it up any other way,” say Curry. 

Overall It was a great and exciting game.