Sanctions put on Russia


On Wednesday, the U.S. officially put sanctions on Russia. Russia responded to this by evacuating personnel from its embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The U.S. and other European nations decided to finally put sanctions on Russia because Russian forces entered Ukraine; Russia entered the separatist regions of Ukraine.

Senior U.S. defense official says, “The Russian forces arrayed along Ukraine’s borders are ‘as ready as they can be’ for an invasion.”

The sanctions that were put on Russia were aimed at a Russian company that was building a gas pipeline that went from Russia to Germany. Before this sanction was passed, Germany decided to suspend building on the pipeline on Thursday.

“It was indefinitely suspending the project,” says Germany.

Russia supposedly responded to this by launching DDOS attacks on Ukrainian, American, and British sites. The attacks are still continuing, but the attacks became weaker on Wednesday.

Ukraine’s Minister for Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, says, “A wave of denial-of-service attacks targeted official websites and some banks on Wednesday.”