Professional Driver.. Camryn Navey!

Professional Driver.. Camryn Navey!

Outgoing, amazing driver, and sassy. These words represent Camryn Navey perfectly. 

Camryn is an outgoing person that can get along with anyone. 

Everywhere she goes she is always meeting someone new, or already knows people in the room. Camryn is always open to trying new things or doing something different. 

“Camryn is a very carefree individual, you can’t tell her not to do something that she wants to do. She’s always up for an adventure,” says Maryn Stevens

Cam is also an amazing driver! (note the sarcasm) 

Camryn failed her first permit test, but that didn’t stop from going back and acing it the next time! 

Cam has ran into a ladder, and backed into a trailer. But hey, it’s the effort that counts! 

“I could have prevented this tragic event from happening if I would have just looked in the backup camera and didn’t listen for him to say ‘stop’,” Camryn defends herself. 

Camryn is the sassiest person I know, she says what’s on her mind. However, even though her honesty is sometimes brutal, it’s what makes Cam Camryn and I love that about her. 

Her sass is what stands her out from everyone else, it’s hilarious. She’s so sarcastic and it’s the funniest thing in the world. 

“Camryn’s sass is over the moon and sometimes unneeded,” says Lauren Steele.