CDC, Suggest that People Wait Longer to Get Their Second Covid Shot


CDC says Some People Should Wait Longer to Get Second Covid Shot.

The CCD says certain people should wait longer then three or four weeks for their second Covid shot. 

On Tuesday February 22,2022 the CDC quietly changed their guidelines for the second Covid shot.

“Its confusing that every other week there is something changing about the vaccine, I wish they would make up their minds about this,” says Kyle. 

The research says that those ages 12-64 especially males 12-39 should think about waiting for their second Covid shot for about eight weeks. 

“The virus was spreading. People were dying. We wanted to get the vaccine into their arms as quickly as possible,” Schaffner said.

The CDC still recommends  getting your Covid Booster shot six months after your second Covid shot. 

“We really have very good data indicating that two doses plus the booster provide very strong protection against severe disease,” says Schaffner.