Hank-the-Tank Strikes Again!


In the past two weeks, a 500-pound black bear has broken into over 30 properties around Lake Tahoe by avoiding his capture. 


Hank-the-Tank, a black bear in Lake Tahoe has been eluding his capture for the past 7 months, according to Peter Tira, a spokesperson for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.


Tira says, “It’s learned to use that size and strength to break into a number of occupied residences, bursting through the garage door or front door. It’s pretty frightening.”


Aside from over 150 incident reports the bear has caused, his most recent adventure consisted of a smashed window and getting chased out of a house while its residents were home. The bear has lost its fear of people and just sees human civilization as a food source.


“You relocate it to the wilderness, and they starve because they’re not used to hunting for food,” Tira says.


Joby Cefalu, a board member with the homeowners association believes that killing the bear is a last resort.


Cefalu says, “Nobody on our board took lightly the situation of depredation… We’re meant to coexist. Unfortunately, this is a human problem.”