Greys Anatomy Patient… or Maddie Stevens?


Hilarious, Sassy, Warm-Hearted

Those three words perfectly describe 15 year old, Maddie Stevens.

Maddie is a very energetic person but can make any time fun. We could be on a three-hour bus ride all three to a seat but yet we are still dying laughing and having a grand time.

Lauren Steele says, “Maddie is a great friend, sometimes we butt heads because she’s straight forward but I love her!”

She is not afraid to tell people the first thing that comes to her head, and that’s why we get along so well because I am the same exact way. We are a very dangerous duo because nobody can do anything without us giggling or saying something. Our poor coach if we ever are near each other because it’s game over.

Maryn, Maddie’s sister, says “Maddie is the best big sister but I really dont like her sometimes.”

Maddie has a love-hate relationship with Maryn, especially since it’s her younger sister. Maren and Maddie are very iconic though. Maddie taught her how to shotgun a dr. pepper. Maddie is such a good leader and a great person to look up to for Maryn.

Cheer brought us together and I dont think either of us would trade it for anything. We have grown such a tight bond that really isn’t comparable. Maddie is always there for anything whether it’s to die laughing or someone to cry to. She is so very hard working and it’s unbeatable. She works very hard with anything she does and it just makes her such a good person. She’s also a pro dancer, our tik toks go viral every comp morning when we learn a new dance. Love you, Maddie!!!