My Favorite Thing to do in the Summer

My Favorite Thing to do in the Summer

My three favorite things about summer are the outfits, no school and hanging out with friends.


I like the outfits for summer time because I like bright colors and wearing bikinis under everything. It’s also super fun to shop. Also skirts and dresses are super fun and they are great to wear during summer.


Jaden McBride says, “I enjoy wearing skirts and summer is a good time to break social norms when it comes to women and I feel like I do this by wearing skirts with unshaved legs.”


Another thing I like about summer is that we don’t have any school. I don’t have to worry about sleeping in and staying up late. I can also spend the night at friends houses any day of the week. You can also go places that are normally only open during school hours.

“You can make time for other things and it takes all the stress of your mind you have during the school year,” Jonathan Follrod says.


The third thing I like about summer is that I can always hang out with friends. You can go to the beach and have picnics and do other super cute summer activities with friends. 


Kayla Thompson says, “I love hanging out with friends during summer because we never have to worry about the stress of school.”