Max Preps Stalker or Teenage Girl??


Opinionated, straight-forward, loud.

These three words perfectly encapsulate 15-year old Camryn Navey. 

Camryn Navy’s favorite things to do are talk to senior boys, stalk basketball boys on maxpreps, and “enjoying” her favorite sport!

“Why go younger when you can just date guys way older. The best part is that they drive me around, wait on me hand and foot, ” says the one and only Camryn Navy.

A unique characteristic about Camryn is her lack of filtration. Most people think before they speak on how something comes out however, Camryn Navy just does not think like this.

“I don’t know if she means to be like that but Cam says some brutal things.” says fellow classmate, Jonathan Fullrod.

As previously mentioned, Camryn enjoys “stalking” basketball team rosters and looking on max preps for all the juicy details. Max preps shows players full names, height, weight, number, and postsins.

“One time I was sitting behind her at a varsity bball game and she was looking at pictures of the other teams players. Weird.” says another fellow peer, Graham Edwards.

“Even with all her quirks and unique features, I still love my Cam.” says author, Lauren Steele.