Cougar or teenage girl? Guess we’ll never know!!


Loud, Friendly, and trustworthy. 

These three words clearly describe 14 year old, Lauren Steele. 

Lauren is a very great friend to have in any situation. She is someone that you can always go to for anything such as boy advice, Instagram captions, or late-night sky watching. Lauren is a very boy crazy girl. If it’s baseball boys she is all for it! If you’re an 8th grader then you are definitely the one for her!!

Lauren says and I quote “I’m in a mood?” 

Lauren Steele tends to have an attitude but you gotta love her. Her constant haul tik toks and online shopping are what keep this girl alive. 

Jon Jon says “Lauren sucks at lacrosse.”

Speaking of lax, Lauren picked up lax this year and she is great at it, minus the fact that she is always late to practice with Hannah Perkins. Thank you “pretty without the r” (ifykyk) for informing me she’s always late! 

Something interesting about Lauren is that she tends to come off as a very hated person but a lot is just said about her. Lauren is a difficult person to get along with but once you guys click she’s a lifetime bestfriend. Love L and can’t wait for all our trips to the beach, pool, and just late-night drives!!