Bear Breaks into 38 Homes, Must be Stopped


Instead of Goldilocks, the bears are breaking into homes now.

Recently, a bear in California must be stopped because it has broken into 38 homes.

In South Lake Tahoe, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife says that the 500-pound bear that has broken into 38 homes, must be killed. The bear has damaged a total of 38 homes. This has resulted in over 150 calls being made about the bear. They want the bear to be killed so no more people will suffer home damage because of this. 

“I think the bear should not be killed, since the houses are in his habitat,” says Jonathan Follrod.

Instead of killing the bear, a group of people thinks differently. There is a bear advocate group in California, called Bear League. They believe the bear should be kept alive. They think that killing the bear would be cruel and unnecessary. They believe they should find another method for stopping the bear.

Ann Bryant, the Director of the Bear League, says, “We don’t want anybody to get hurt. Nobody wants that. We don’t want the bear to die either.”

After news spread of the bear’s inevitable demise, residents in the area decided to join the Bear League’s campaign. There have been multiple failed attempts at capturing the bear. The people in Bear League, and the residents helping their cause, hope that the bear is transported to a sanctuary in Colorado. The Department doesn’t agree with this due to legal troubles getting the bear there. The Bear League will continue to fight for the bear’s life.

Bryant says, ”The Bear League reached out to the director of an excellent out-of-state wildlife sanctuary who agreed he has room and would be very willing to give this bear a permanent home.”