Unity Linemen Rescue Macaw stuck in tree


The Unity Linemen in Vermont made a unique rescue when they helped a frightened Macaw from a tree.

A Macaw named Kaiba, had been outside with his owner in Brattleboro on Feb. 6 when another bird flew by and spooked him. Kaiba flew high into a tree and refused to budge.The owner, Thea Everest, told WCAX-TV that Kaiba is a rescue whose previous owners had shorn his wings, preventing him from being a confident flier.

  • “I think he was stuck and scared,” said Everest, a Massachusetts resident who had taken Kaiba to visit her father in Vermont that day.

She called “Green Mountain Power” to see if their linemen could help.

  • “I was like, ‘Hey, I know this is a weird call,’ and they’re like, ‘It’s OK, we like the weird ones,’” Everest recalled.

After the linemen, Chris Gouger and Nick Bills arrived at the home, they couldn’t figure out whether their bucket truck could reach the bird, but it did, and Kaiba was soon safely reunited with Everest.

Even though the linemen have responded to a bunch of random calls, they say this is a new one.

  • “This was the first that was actually a bird up in a tree,” Bills said. 

This story is a little funny because it’s a bird stuck in a tree, which is pretty ironic lol.