Opinion: Sushi

Opinion: Sushi

Sushi is raw seafood with rice and seaweed wrapped around it.


I think that sushi is the best food ever. It is a great meal and it is very tasty.


Sushi is the best food ever because it is so fresh and good for you. You can get sushi in a lot of places.


“I love sushi, it is very tasty. My favorite sushi is the crunchy crab roll,” says Kaylee.


Sushi has a great variety of options. You can basically make anything into a sushi roll, you can even make your own sushi, it is so easy and fun to make. 


“I don’t like sushi because there could be raw food in them and it is just something that I don’t want to eat,” Monica. 


Even though some people disagree about sushi, I think it is a great meal because it tastes very good.