Bitcoin Commercial Caused Ruckus

Bitcoin Commercial Caused Ruckus

A Bitcoin advertisement had everyone watching the super bowl go crazy!

Everyone watches the super bowl and sometimes they just watch it for the wacky commercials. Well, this Sunday one specific commercial stuck out.

Jonathan Follrod says, “I thought it was pretty creative and caught everyone’s eye and that’s why I feel like it was so successful.”

Bitcoin paid for a 60 second advertisement where there was a QR code bouncing around your tv screen that would lead you to their website. You had to try and scan it but some people had a little trouble with it.

“The commercial made me laugh because it is so similar to the DVD logo,” says Kayla Thompson.

The commercial got people going crazy because it was based on a popular meme where the logo of something would bounce around and you wanted to look when it hit the corner of a screen. Who ever came up with the idea of basing the commercial off of this meme must have been thinking right because it definitely gave the viewers some excitement.

Jaden McBride says, “It was very unusual to promote something like that but the fact that it didn’t work for most people they should have held it still for a little.”